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Oscars 2019 Predictions
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At Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, 91st Academy Awards ceremony presented by Academy of Motion pictures arts and science will be held on 24 February 2019.

The competition is pretty tough this time for each award, be it the directional award, actress award or actor award. With some movies like the star is born developing a buzz in no time, the competition for the directional award seems to be the toughest.

Oscars are one of the most prestigious and prominent Movie awards ever. Getting even nominated in the Oscars is a bi deal for actors and directors. The fans are also waiting eagerly to see their favourites win the race.

Every award is going to be super interesting this time, so get your friend and bet with him on the Oscars. We are here to help you win by telling you the most probable winners at the 91st Academy Awards Ceremony.

Stay tuned.

Let’s start with the best actor award

Best Actor for Oscars 2019

As said, the competitions are really tough but it is easy to make some predictions. Considering the buzz and popularity of the actors, these are some possible people who can steal the Oscar this time-

1. Christian Bale for Vice

Christian Bale for his performance in Adam McKay’s Vice , he might steal the award this time. In the Film Vice, the former has played the role of Dick Cheney. The film is based on Cheney’s desire to become the most powerful vice president of the U.S.

The film was released in the U.s on 25 December by Annapurna pictures. Many critics responded to the film as clumsy display of political hatred but Bale’s performance in the film was outstanding. He may steal the oscar this time for the same.

Apart from Bale, the cast of vice included Amy AdamsSteve CarellSam RockwellAlison PillLily Rabe, and Tyler Perry.

Bale has already won an award in the supporting actor category for his performance in Dickey Eklund.

2. Bradley Cooper for A star is born

A Start is Born, american musical romantic drama film has generated a lot of buzz and is considered by many as the leading performer in the oscars.

Copper may get nominated for his performance in the start is born. He played Jackson Maine in the film and he did that exceptionally well in both acting and directing.

He will be the major highlight this time in 2019 for sure.

3. Viggo Mortensen for Green Book

Green book is a comedy-drama film based on the tour of the deep south. The film is directed by Peter Farrelly.

Mortensen in the film played the role of Tony Lip. Tony lip in the film was a american-italian bouncer. Tony lip in the film takes the job driving donald shirley through the deep south for a musical tour in 1960.

The film book has already won the people’s choice award at toronto, after that it has generated quiet a lot of buzz and is considered by experts to perform good in oscars.

Both Mortensen Ali in the film did a great job and made the film blockbuster. Mortensen has already won the best actor award at NBR. Green Book and Mortensen Performed well at NBR, so possibilities are there that green book will do the same in February.

4. John David Washington for BLACKKKLANSMAN

Directed by spike lee and written by charlie watchtell was a biographical comedy drama film.

Washington played the role of Ron Stallworth in the film who was an african american police officer. The interesting this is BLACKKKLANSMAN is based on a true story.

And obviously, Washington played Ron Stallworth exceptionally well thats why you spotted BLACKKKLANSMAN in this list.

Washington may steal the award this time but he has to fight other powerful actors in the race. Possibilities are their Washington may not get the award this but anything can happen at the oscars. For sure, he is at-least in the race till now.

5. Ethan Hawke for First Reformed

Written and director by Paul schrader, the film has been the spotlight since it got released. First reformed is an american drama film
starring Ethan HawkeAmanda Seyfried, and Cedric the Entertainer (credited as Cedric Kyles) .

The film received nominations for the best film, best male lead, best director and best screenplay.

Hawk played Toller in the film, a New York minister working in church who has to deal with questions about faith and morality.

Other Possible Names

Apart from these 4, there are still a few names left who can top the charts this year. The list includes Robert Redford, Ryan Gosling,
Steve Carell, Lucas Hedges  and Steve Carell, Lucas Hedges.

Best Film

The most influencing award category “best Film” like lays is facing fierce competition. The previous year witnessed release of some of the best and awesome movies.

So here is the list of some of the possible nominations for the best Film award-

1. Black Panther

Black Panther is a american super hero film and the world knows americans are the best in making film of this genre.

The film is inspired by the character of marvel’s comic character named the same. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the film is produced by Marvel studios.

2. Mary Poppins Returns

Released on December 19, 2018, the film is the sequel of Mary Poppins released over 54 years ago. The sequel is directed by Rob Marshall.

The film is based on the book series with the same name.
The film stars Emily Blunt as the eponymous character with Lin-Manuel MirandaBen WhishawEmily MortimerJulie WaltersDick Van DykeAngela LansburyColin Firth, and Meryl Streep in supporting roles

3. Incredibles 2

The list remains incomplete without mentioning the incredibles 2. Produced by Pixar animated studio, the film is an american computer-animated film. The film was distributed by Walt Disney films.

The major roles in the film includes Craig T. NelsonHolly HunterSarah Vowell and Samuel L. Jackson.

Other Possible Runners

There are several other films also in the race. The list of films that can get nominated and ultimately win the best film award includes-

A start is born, The favourite, Widows, Roma and A quite Place.

Best Actress

The race for best actress is the most interesting. The best actresses who might steak the award this year includes-

  1. Lady Gaga for a star is born
  2. Olivia colman for the Favouirite
  3. Glenn close for the wife
  4. Saoirse Ronan for Mary
  5. Viola Davis for widows
  6. Yalitza Aparicio for Roma
  7. Emily Blunt  for mary Popins
  8. Carey Mulligan in wildlife

Best Supportng Actor

This category as always takes the best of an actor as actors in the supporting has to do the best to get notices in the shade of lead actors.

Here are some people that can be nominated or win the best supporting actor award this February-

  1. Timothée Chalamet for Beautiful Boy
  2. Adam Driver for BlacKkKlansman
  3. Daniel Kaluuya for widows
  4. Stephan James for Beale Street 
  5. Richard E Grant for can you ever forgive me
  6. Sam Elliot for a star is born
  7. JK Simmons for The Front Runner 

Best Supporting Actress

Best supporting actress is also an interesting category to watch out. Here are some possible nomination for the best supporting actress awards-

  1. Regina King for Beale Street
  2. Cynthia Erivo for Widows
  3. Margot Robbie for Mary
  4. Weisz or Stone for the favouirite
  5. Nicole Kidman for boy erased
  6. Claire Foy for First Man

Best Director

Here comes the one of the most popular award category. The one who converts a great script or story into a great film is a director.

The award for the best director is not that hard to predict. Here are some of the directors who can shine in the February-

  1. Bradely Copper for a start is born
  2. Steve mcqueen for Widows
  3. Alfanso cauron for roma
  4. Spike Lee
  5. Yorgos Lanthimos
  6. Barry Jenkins
  7. Adam Mckay
  8. Marielle Heller 
  9. Karyn Kusama 

Best Original Screenplay

The best original screenplay is the award given to films based on original material not published anywhere else.

Here are some of the films who can stand out in this category-

  1. Roma
  2. The favouirite
  3. Vice
  4. Isle of dogs
  5. English Grade
  6. First Reformned
  7. Sorry to bother you

Best Adapted Screenplay

This award is given to the film that adapted a previously published script or material and made it better on the screen.

Here is some of the most probable nominations for this category-

  1. A star is born
  2. Queen of scots
  3. Mary
  4. Boy erased
  5. Old man
  6. The gun Feels like
  7. Wildlife
  8. Can yo forgive me
  9. Crazy rich asians
  10. Love simon

The Highlight

As seen, A star is born, Widow and Mary are some of the films that are going to perform well in February.

Fans are just praying to see their favourite star and film win the oscars but things might take a twisty turn at the oscars. No one know, we can just predict.

So these were some predictions for the 91st Academy awards in some of these most prominent award categories.

Let’ wait till February and see if our predictions perform well. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed our Oscars 2019 Predictions

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