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Paal Abhishekam, a welcoming gesture of Tamil Nadu audience on the release of Superstar Rajnikanth’s film Kaala.

Paal Abhishekam Led to Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Demand for Ban: Milk Packets Being Stolen From Stores
source from indianexpress

It all started after Tamil actor Simbu appealed to his audience to generously pour milk on the posters of the upcoming film ‘Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven’. It is reported that the milk dealers of the state sought help from police to safeguard them from rampant stealing of milk packets for their shops dung superstar releases in Tamil Nadu.

The act of theft of milk packets has been quite a trouble for the milk dealers in the state of TN. The dealers have approached to the police with their three demands stating appeal for the ban of Paal Abhishekam (poring of milk) on cutout of banners of actors, step to prevent wastage of tons of milk, and protection of milk outlets in the early hours of the film release date. The Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Employees’ Welfare Association lodged a complaint with the police after they failed to resolve the issue with the superstars.

S A Ponnusamy, the association’s president, said they have been raising the demand for a ban on ‘paal abishekam’ since 2015. “It has become a menace now and the theft of milk packets is rampant. We have approached all top actors on whose cutouts this ritual is conducted. We tried to meet and sent requests in registered posts to Rajinikanth, Ajith, Vijay, and almost everyone. But none of them have done anything to resolve this.”

He further added, “Usually, trucks carrying milk packets reach the city in the midnight. In the early hours, the supply to outlets begins. It is a usual practice that we keep milk packets in boxes outside shops. That is the time when fans steal these packets whenever there is a superstar movie release.”

He marked his concern and said police often “refuse to probe or register a case saying that they could help only if the theft happens inside the shop. Since they (fans) steal milk boxes kept outside, they are helpless, it seems.”

He also said that the actors who have responded to their plea are Kamal Haasan and Sivakarthikeyan. “Haasan met us and his fans are doing better things like blood donation camps during film releases. Sivakarthikeyan fans also raise awareness on the need of helmets for bikers and distribute tree saplings on the day of his movie releases. Rajinikanth, Ajith and Vijay fans continue to trouble us,” he said.

In a published video message it has been seen that Simbu has asked their fans to follow the footsteps of their senior colleagues and asked them to put up as many flex boards ahead of the release of ‘Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven’ on February 1. “You do (erect) maximum flex boards, you may generously pour milk (on my cutouts), not from packets but from huge jars. Nobody will ask, do it in a ‘vere level’ (higher level). I am telling you this,” Simbu said in an unprecedented appeal by an actor to fans.

In an early video message posted by him where he asked his fans to do some good deeds for their parents, seems to have changed his plan later and again requested them to erect flexes and indulge in Paal Abhishekam. He said to have changed his plans as some were saying that the actor does not have many fans as his rivals and thus avoiding the grand celebration of by practicing Paal Abhisekam. He said he changed his opinion to display the increasing number of his fan following.