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This is how South Indian film actress Poonam Pandey replies to Pakistan’s mockery on IAF officer!

Pakistan has aired an advertisement recently where they have mocked IAF officer who recently was in news. By the release of the advertisement, Pakistan’s Jazz TV created hype in social media overnight.

The Ad goes like this, they have imitated the trademark mustache of wing commander Abhinandan. The model was seen wearing a blue jersey to imitate his looks holding a teacup in his hand while he was answering questions he was asked. Suddenly at the end of the video, the person behind the camera says “Chalo, you can leave now, but ek second ruko cup kaha leke jaa rahe ho?”

Poonam Pandey who is a well-known name in Hindi film industry and also in Telegu films, take it as a personal insult and planned to set an example against this Ad as represented by Pakistan’s TV channel. Poonam shares a video which went viral within no time. In this, she says why to settle for a teacup when you can hold a double-D cup! By saying this Poonam removed her inner wear which was a sensation. The Ad says, “Why settle for a teacup when you can actually have a D-cup, a double D-cup? You can even have tea in it.”

However, the actor is known to be a big-time cricket lover. What bought her instant fame was her challenge to pose nude for the Indian cricket team if they manage to win the 2011 world cup. However, in the same year, India won the world cup but Poonam failed to keep her promise. She said that BCCI did not allow her to perform the stunt as that was against their protocol. Having said that Poonam flaunted her semi-nude photographs in the social media to mark the victory of team India in the last two cricket matches. Poonam is meanwhile gathering all the limelight for her deeds.