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National award-winning film producer, Sandip Singh has successfully produced a handful of biopics in his career which was nationally and internationally acclaimed. He has come up with his latest venture with a much talked about film on the present Prime Minister of India ‘PM Narendra Modi’.

Producer Sandip Singh always has an eye on biopics which shows personal interest and do not propagate any biased thought. His national award-winning film ‘Mary Kom’ and ‘Sarabjit’ were gladly accepted by the audience and he was able to show the real picture of the personalities through his films. The same is expected from his upcoming movie ‘PM Narendra Modi’. He said that it was told to him that it’s too risky to do a film on our present Prime Minister. This may lead to political issues while creating hurdles for the film. But he took this risk of making the film as Sandip thinks that Modi’s story will inspire people to ‘Dream Big’.

Producer Sandip Singh Says ‘PM Narendra Modi’ is too Risky yet Inspires People to Dream Big
source from timesofindia

When asked about his views on biopics and individual story, Sandip said, “Whether it is the story of Mary Kom, Sarbjit or our current Prime Minister, their stories touch my heart. As a creative mind, we have to understand that the business of films has changed, where the box office collection depends on the story and not the star. 

“The last year is proof of that. So, I want to be a part of stories that create an impact on our mind. An individual’s story always inspires me.” 

To Sandip, the young producer, Modi’s life story is truly inspirational and that made him take up this project. He was really inspired by the nature of the story. “I wanted to make a film on him because his life journey is really inspirational, but from the time I started pitching the idea to people, everyone said it is too risky to do it because he is a sitting prime minister and people have an opinion on him. For the last four years, I looked for support from the industry and finally, people are on board… I did not give up,” 

Since 2014 when the plot of the biopic was first incepted, actor Paresh Rawal was thought to play the role of Narendra Modi but no initiative of meeting the actor was taken from their end. Now we could see Vivek Oberoi has been set to play the protagonist in the biopic. His look have been transformed completely to meet that of Narendra Modi. On selecting Vivek Oberoi for this role, S Singh said, “There were several reasons why we have chosen Vivek for the title role. Firstly, we wanted to cast an experienced actor and a great performer. Vivek has been working in the entertainment industry for the last 18 years. He is one of those versatile actors who has made his mark in different genres films like ‘Company’ and ‘Saathiya’ with equal ease.” 

When asked about the kind of justice he wants to do with his film and maintain honesty as a producer, he said, “Why should I hide any downside of his journey? Ups and downs are a part of our life. We are making the film with integrity and the idea of making it is to open up to people with a story that inspires many people from a humble background to dream big. We will try to tell the story with our heart in the right place.”

The film ‘PM Narendra Modi’ is directed by Omung Kumar who has previously collaborated with SSingh for ‘Mary Kom’ and ‘Sarabjit’. The film is about to release on 2019.