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PUBG is an insanely popular game that everyone and their moms are playing today.

The game is so addictive that people just go on playing the game and the lust to win just keep on increasing as you keep playing. People’s desire to win the game is so much that some people waste their lots of resources and time just to win one match in PUBG.

There are some people who even try to cheat in the game by using some sort of hacking technologies. These cheaters use radar hacking technology as to see all player position on an other system or application.

Recently, the vikendi snow map was rolled out for PUBG users. Along with the vikendi snow map and an update to the existing application, there comes some additional security features and the battle eye algorithm in the game to prevent people from cheating in the game. These new security feature and battle eye algorithm can report and ban accounts that use radar hacking technology.

After the 0.10.0 update, many accounts were reported suspicious for using hacking technology and thus were banned. The numer of account that got actual banned were 30,000.

As reported in newsweek, These fraudulence players were using this hacking technology mainly to participate and win in PUBG Mobile’s e-sport competitions in Europe and North America.

Many suspicious account were banned in the crackdown. One such account was of Can “TEXQS” Ozdemir who was a competition player and had won about $36,000 from PUBG competitions.

These fraudulent player will not be able to play the PUBG game and from now, these fraudulent players will not be PUBG to use their fraudulent tricks.

We will keep you updated of latest new on PUBG and this crackdown. Thanks for reading. See our other article on Democrat Elizabeth Warren claims the Position of US president for 2020