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Rakesh Roshan is Up and About After his Surgery: Says Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan who recently announced via Instagram that his dad is suffering from the first stage of cancer and is going to undergo a throat surgery has now revealed that his father Rakesh Roshan is up and about after the throat surgery.

Rakesh underwent throat surgery on January 8 as he was diagnosed with the first stage of squamous cell carcinoma. Hrithik Roshan himself revealed the news of his father suffering from the first stage of cancer earlier this week. Hritik got good wishes from the PM after he revealed about his father’s cancer. And no the actor has revealed via Twitter that his dad is up and about post the surgery. Here is the post that Hritik shared on Twitter.

Rakesh Roshan fans are happy with new. One interesting thing is, Cancer has been a family disease in Roshan family.