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Rishi Kapoor
source from indianexpress

There were several rumours going on all around about Rishi Kapoor’s health from the day Rishi announced he is leaving India for some medical reason.

Randhir Kapoor came open and talked about his brother’s health. Some people were saying Rishi is suffering from cancer while others said Rishi is suffering from a rare disease. Well, Rishi Kapoor’s brother Randhir came open and dismissed all these rumours and said that his brother Rishi was just going through some tests.

This caption worked as a trigger for the fans to start speculating the disease Rishi is suffering from. Neetu mentioned cancer in her Post that made the people again feel like Rishi is suffering from Cancer.

When Randhir Kapoor was asked about it, Randhir replied as follows- “I don’t know much about it but this much I can tell you that [Rishi] is doing well, that’s all. Let people say whatever they want to. That he is doing well is evident from the photos that I, too, have seen. He is having a good time with everyone and has even stepped out to enjoy a good meal with everyone. He will soon be coming back to India. We are looking forward to that right now.”

This all started when Rishi Kapoor tweeted “I am taking a short leave of absence from work to go to America for some medical treatment.”.
The last year witnessed the death of Sridevi, the legendary actor and few celebrities getting into the trap of deadly cancer. We hope, something like this does not happen to Rishi Kapoor and what Randhir has been telling is true.

The people and media are still not stopping speculating Rishi’s disease. We will keep you updated on this.

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