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Ranveer Singh Blushed at Arjun’s question and revealed sudden changes that had happened to his life post marriage

Ranveer and Deepika have become a household name for all of us. They have become famous for their work in the Bollywood film industry and moreover for their love relationship which has now transformed into marriage. Post marriage they have been a trend deter who sets goals for the couples in love and we look forward to their relationship as ideal.

Ranveer has never kept any stone unturned even in public to show his love towards his better half Deepika. Be it setting her dress in public or helping her in the red carpet. They have always being spotted complementing each other.

In a recent interview, Ranveer was spotted campaigning for his much talked about film Gully Boy. He was asked by his friend and co-star of Gundey, Arjun Kapoor how life has changed for Ranveer after marriage.

Ranveer have previously said that he was bribed by his sister before marriage to wake up in the morning. He was always a late riser and so it was hard for him to wake up early. But now, he explained things have changed dramatically post marriage. He says, “I am a nocturnal creature. I am so wound up through the day that I take a long time to unwind at night. I sleep late and have trouble waking up. But now that I am in grahasti, Things are much better. I reach places on time. I reach my appointments on time. But she has a background of being a sports person and the core is attached to discipline..she is proper about her sleeping and eating habits. She makes sure she is calling me and telling me that Chalo Ho geya abi come home and sleep. She puts me to bed on time. She makes sure I sleep on time and wake up on time. I am getting into a healthy routine. All her positive influence are doing me well.  I was prepared for it coz I was a bit of Ayaash pehle. Now, I am becoming a good boy.” 

Lastly, when Deepika was asked about her plans this Valentine’s Day, she answered that she wish to spend her day watching her husband’s upcoming movie Gully Boy. This reveals their support and love for each other as a couple.

We respect their relationship and want to see them setting many goals ahead in life.