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Renowned Restaurants to visit in Kolkata

Kolkata once knows to be the capital of India, is a metropolitan city which is marked for its diversity in people, food, and belief. Compared to other parts of India, Kolkata holds a special place in the hearts of food lovers. Kolkata has got some awesome variety of street foods as well as it bags some of the old and famous eateries which are known for their signature dishes.

Today we are going to take a stroll to the restaurants in Kolkata which has a renowned reputation for years and are known for their lip-smacking signature dishes and ambiance.

Golbari: situated in the heart of Shyam Bazar Panch Mathar more, is this small shabby shop under an old building which is world famous for its mutton recipe. Golbari came into action around 100 years back. Golbari is famous for its signature dish of mutton curry in thick gravy known as kosha Mangsho in Bengali. There are other options on the menu as well but Kosha Mansho tops the chart. These savors are served with handmade bread.

Mitra Café: Mr. Sushil Roy opened this café in the year 1920. ‘Mitra’ means friends and he treated his customers as friends and so he named it Mitra Cafe. Situated in the hustle and bustle of Sovabazar, it is, of course, one of the cherished food destinations. In its early days of inception, there were limitations to its menu but with time the options have increased on the list. Its signature dishes are, Chicken/Mutton/Fish Kobiraji,  cutlets, Chicken stew served with a loaf of bread.

Mitra Cafe Renowned Restaurants to visit in Kolkata
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Bhojohori Manna: named after the famous Bengali song ‘Ami Sri Sri Bhojohori Manna’ dated back to the ’70s, It is a savor for Bengali food lovers.  It is a chain of restaurants specialized in Bengali cuisine such as Daab Chingri, Mutton Dakbunglow, Goalond steamed Curry and so on.

Arsalan: Said to be the forefather of Kathi role, Arsalan is a Mughlai restaurant, situated in Park Street and all over India and abroad, It serves sumptuous Kathi Roll, Biryani and Kebabs. It has a rich historical background which says that during the Mughal invasion in India, they passed on their legacy of Kathi Roll to the Mohammedan Community which Arsalan has gained fame on.

Arsalan Renowned Restaurants to visit in Kolkata
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Peter Cat–  Peter Cat is a well-known Indian-Continental restaurant which draws its roots from the 1960s. It was named after a famous cat that frequented the Lord’s cricket ground of London during 1952-64. Known for its Indo-Persian dish called Chelo Kebab, comes with Chicken kebab with 2 minced mutton kebab served on a bed of hot steamed rice and fried egg and a melting cube of butter.

Peter Cat Renowned Restaurants to visit in Kolkata
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Indian Coffee House: Indian Coffee house has its branches all over the country but the most famous among all is the one in Kolkata, Bang opposite to Presidency College. Mostly known for its ambiance which involves high ceiling roof and individual wooden furniture which makes a perfect place for gathering (Adda). Coffee House was famous as it was an intellectual meeting place and witnessed many meeting of freedom fighters.

Indian Coffee House Renowned Restaurants to visit in Kolkata
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There are lot more eateries that can makes a place in the list with its great food, good ambiance and rich history and can be your next destination to visit. Namely, Zeeshan, Mocambo, Shiraz, Nizam’s are the ones who tops the list.