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Salman Khan, the bhaizan has produced Satish Kaushik’s Kagaz with Pankaj Tripathi’s as the lead actor

Salman khan is the most successful Bollywood starts when it comes to acting but now Salman Khan is also trying his fortune as a producer.
In Satish Kaushik’s Kagaz, Salman is going to be the producer. Kagaz is a film based on a real life story. The story revolves around a farmer from U.P Lal Bihari played by Pankaj tripathi who was declared dead on government papers. Lal bihari’s relatives were behind this scam as they sought to take help from a corrupt official to snatch his land.
The film is similar to the film “chala mausadi office office” as in this film also, lal bihari fights against the corrupt system as to prove himself alive as we did see in “chala mausadi office office”.

Bharat is the film for which Kaushik and Bhaijan reunited. Earlier these both were the part of tere naam. Kaushik narrated the film to Salman when he was shooting cameo for Bharat.

According to sources, Salman was pretty impressed by the story and decided to produce as well as distribute the film under Salman khan productions. Kagaz is starring Manol Gujjar and Nishant Kaushik apart from Pankaj Tripathi.

Kagaz being a Salman khan production may generate some buzz and perform well on the screens. Kaushik was waiting for long to make a film on this subject and now his ideas came on earth. He was earlier planning to take Anil kapoor as the lead actor but he failed thus he thought of Pankaj Tripathi as an option.

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