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Salman Khan who has showed his grief for the victims of the Pulwama terror attack prior, makes a statement again on twitter

Pulwama was harshly thawed with terrorist attack on 14th of February 2019. That day became one of the black days of Indian Terror attack history. Many Jawans lave lost their lives and their families have lost their loved ones. The entire nation was soaked in the grief of the martyrs.

Salman Khan on Education of Terrorists related to Pulwama Terror Attack: Everyone Gets Education but Getting Right One is More Important

Hindi film Industry also took their stand and protested in their own way to support our soldiers. They joined hands against terrorism and executed their work in their own way. Even Salman Khan tweeted, “My heart goes out for the Jawans of our beloved country and their families who lost their lives as martyrs to save our families… #YouStandForIndia“. Salman’s upcoming film which is produced by him, Notebook, is extensively shot in Kashmir and stars Pranutan Bahl and Zaheer Iqbal in the lead.

In a recent group interview when Salman was asked about his upcoming produced film Notebook which has been extensively shot in Kashmir and that Pulwama faced such a fatal attack recently, he said, “When we heard about that it just killed us. This film’s backdrop is exactly the same that the kids come and lead the gun.” Salman was further asked the role of education when it comes to combating terrorism, to which he replied, “Everyone gets an education, but getting the right one is more important. Who did the attacks even he was given education but his tutors, teachers and principals were wrong.”

The film Notebook will witness the debut of Pranutan and Zaheer and it is directed by Nitin Kakkar and co-produced by Salman under his home banner Salman Khan Films. The film is slated to release on March 29, 2019.

The film revolves around a love story where Zaheer becomes a substitute school teacher in place of Pranutan. The twist is to see weather destiny make the two meet or separates them at the end.