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Sona Mahapatra opposed Salman for being judgemental on Priyanka Chopra which took Salman’s fan to threaten Sona over social media

Netizens are taking interest to protect their favorite celebrity by speaking for them socially. Yesterday we read a story of how Arjun Kapoor was threatened by Varun Dhawan’s fan. Not only this, Anurag Kashyap’s daughter got a rape threat from one of the supporters of PM Narendra Modi because Anurag does not support BJP and today singer Sona Mahapatra is at the gunpoint. She has been allegedly threatened by Salman Khan’s fan as she chose to spoke against him.

Salman who is busy promoting his Eid release, Bharat, took his time out to dig into Priyanka Chopra as she rejected the film at the beginning and then it went to Katrina Kaif who will be seen as the lead heroine in the film.

Salman Khan was so annoyed with Priyanka that he went into saying that while many actresses (points to Katrina Kaif) would choose Bharat over their marriage, Priyanka Chopra chose her wedding over the movie, in ‘nick’ of time (talking about her wedding with Nick Jonas). 

Meanwhile, Sona Mahapatra who is known for her bold takes attached Salman Khan for his reaction in public about Priyanka Chopra. In reply to Salman’s dig, Sona wrote, “Cus @priyankachopra has better things to do in life, real men to hang out with & more importantly, girls to inspire with her journey,” adding, “A showcase & poster child of toxic masculinity. Low brow digs at not only a woman who was not in the room but a disgusting disregard & contempt for the woman & colleague sitting next to him in the same room. Unless we call out such serial bad behavior, nothing changes, #India.”

When a user pointed out that Priyanka Chopra has moved on, Sona, on Salman Khan’s fans, wrote, “Try telling that to his fans who shadow his toxicity & are calling her derogatory names on my timeline. They meme her 10 year age gap with her husband but conveniently forget that their idol is close to 20 years older than her. Grow up, you fools, I say to them.”

The singer has now received an open threat from Salman Khan fan. “Once again you tell something bad about Salman Khan from the bloody fucking mouth, I will get into your house and kill you. It’s the 1st and last warning, you slut,” wrote the Bhai fan. Sharing the post, Sona wrote, “Such & such mails come my way regularly, from the followers of this ‘hero’ of bad behavior. This beacon of ‘human’ values who inspires such serial toxic behavior is actually claiming the title of #Bharat, drawing parallels with our great nation, nothing lesser.”

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She further shares tweets where she referred the fans as ‘gang of inspired by bhai’. “Dear India, please be introduced to this band & gang of ‘inspired by bhai’, bullies, threat giving goons & general scum. Let’s tell them & show them their real place in a civilized, learning society; the dustbin,” wrote Mohapatra.

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