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Shah Rukh Khan went for the screening of his film Zero at Beijing International Film Festival. Welcomed by thousands of fan flowing from around China

The Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is now in Beijing promoting his film Zero for a special screening at the Beijing International Film Festival. He believes that India and China should come up with films together where family bonding is given much importance. He thinks this culture is what binds India with China.

Shah Rukh Khan in Beijing International Film Festival: Says cinema and art speaks from people-to-people beyond language

In his speech the actor said, cinema and art speak to people beyond language and they will always be at the center of the people-to-people dialogue.

“Technology, exports and imports all that is going to happen but cinema is always going to be at the forefront or art is going to be at the front of people-to-people exchanges,” SRK said in an interview with CGTN, a state-run channel.

Further, he added, “Culture, reading, writings, these are going to be the things that are going to enhance people-to-people connect because the language of art is beyond semantics and understanding and the actual grammar.”

CGTN reported that SRK was welcomed at the Beijing airport with countless gifts, flowers, and kisses by his fans who traveled from faraway places of China just to catch a glimpse of their favorite superstar.

In an Interview, SRK said, “When I walked out, (at the airport) suddenly they screamed… and for a moment I thought they were doing it for something else or someone else, now I have gotten to know that they were from Xinjiang. Thank you everyone from Xinjiang for much love, so many hugs and so many kisses.”

“Maybe we could do a film about Indian and Chinese superheroes… It will be really nice,” he added.

Bollywood movies and stars are very popular in Xinjiang, a Chinese province bordering India where Uygur Muslims of Turkik origin are a majority and Shah Rukh has gained popularity there over the period of time.

Later while talking at the dialogue forum, SRK remarked, “We should work on the story that everybody wants to do. India China co-production should not be based on making an expensive movie. Rather it should be based on a better story… It should be about our family values, our culture, our own feelings that should make this film; in which there is a message because emotionally we are connected to both the people of the country.

“The future of films is in co-production. Films should go ahead with entertainment, should go beyond business. Movies are a valuable item, whose future is very bright.”

Shah Rukh said the audiences in India are the youngest at this point of time.

“In India, language, culture, religion and costumes change every two kilometres. Therefore, we must go ahead and introduce Indian culture and India to the world. Movies are changing every twenty years in the world, but family values and people’s feelings are the same.

“We have also grown up seeing very good Chinese movies, whose English dubbing was very bad. The story of India and Chinese films is one — messages, emotions, sentiments, and family values are one, he said.

SRK further said he is open for acting in Chinese films as he has a firm fan base in China but provided he catches up with the Chinese language first.

“I would not like someone to dub for me, I will rather play a quiet guy who only sings and dances,” he adds by saying that he grew up watching Chinese kung-fu movies and said he would be glad to be a part of Chinese production in some way.

When he was asked for a message for his fans, he said hope his fans like his films.

“Thank you so much for being so kind. I least expected this, that there would be so many people here who like me and it’s very sweet of you. By God’s grace, I will get some wonderful films to China and when you write to me or message me please send me some good Chinese films every year, at least 10 good Chinese movies to watch. Lots and lots love,” he said.

China has been a budding market for Indian film Industry. Lately, we have witnessed the success of Amir Khan’s movie Dangal which became a hit among the Chinese community. Mostly china offers Hollywood and local films to dominate their box office with a turnover of over USD 10 billion in revenue last year.

Recently Indian films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Secret Superstar and Andhadhun have done well in China Box Office.

BIFF has announced a list of five Indan films which include the famous Satyajit Ray’s classic Pather Panchali, for screening under its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries category. Meanwhile, it witnesses a strong reservation expressed by India over the trillion-dollar project.

China has included Indian films to be a part of their BRI initiative just before the second Belt and Road Forum (BRF), which has already been turned down in New Delhi like the boycott of the first one in 2017.