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Badshah of Bollywood receives doctorate degree for his charitable contribution to the society on 4th April

The Badshah of Bollywood who rules the Indian film industry for years is not only acknowledged throughout the globe for his acting ability and business skill but also gets acknowledged due to his charitable deeds for the society. He is a man who believes in giving back to the society that he is making his earning from. He has been awarded with an Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy by The University Of Law, London.

SRK received this degree for his charitable work which include Meer Foundation and others.

Shah Rukh Khan was honored by doctorate degree at the University of Law, London in Philanthropy for his contribution in charity

Our ever charming actor, cheered the pupil attending the graduation ceremony and shared his experience and importance of charity. He explained how we should give back to the society by means of charity.

During his speech he explained how there is very thin scope of error in the industry he works in and said, “In my profession, if I fail, I would be knocked off the hair dye commercial within a day.”

While he shared his thought about entertainment as a powerful tool he quoted, While talking about entertainment as a powerful tool Shah Rukh Khan shared, “One of the greatest learnings for me has been to appreciate the sheer simplicity of humour and entertainment as a powerful tool for strengthening human bonds across all races, cultures, nationalities and religions. I remember meeting fans in Germany one freezing winter evening. None of them spoke a word of Hindi, they told me that they didn’t even watch my films with subtitles yet they understood everything! This might have been the result of the melodrama of Bollywood plots but it was more likely just the fact that shared emotions and the simple language of their expression reaches across and binds people of all definitions. In fact, I can’t emphasize enough, the importance of expression as a binding force for compassion. It is only by expressing our stories that we create the ground for our life experience to be accepted and understood.”

SRK has been facilitated by such honorary degree before by University Of Bedfordshire and the University Of Edinburgh.