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Internet Users Spot Similarities Between Gully Boy and Eminem's 8 Mile, "Says Stop Copying"

The trailer of Gully boy was released on 9 January. The trailer was so awesome that twitter cant stops talking about it.

Ranveer and Zoya Akhtar got a lot of praise for the trailer. Zoya Akhtar is the director of the film. The film is set to release on February 14. In the film, Ranveer is playing the role of underdog Rapper from the slums of Mumbai.

While everyone was praising Ranveer for his performance in the trailer some did not agree and as soon as the trailer was out, people start claiming on twitter that the video was a rip-off of Eminem’s story, 8 Mile. 

People are saying that the Gully boy trailer has many similarities to the 8 Mile. One of the similar shot is hyping up a crowd in a dimly-lit nightclub. This shot according to people is almost identical to 8 Mile. This is What Netizens has to say about the trailer and 8 Mile.