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#StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK trend on Twitter is an initiative taken by SRK fans to safeguard him against media trolling

Shah Rukh Khan the Badshah of Bollywood, winner of millions of hearts and a versatile actor needs no formal introduction. He has achieved the peak of success and thus tasted the flavor of stardom. But as said every good thing comes with a price. Here SRK had to pay a price for his success as he was trolled in media in regards to his religion.

Media trolling has become a regular thing today and for celebrities like SRK what matters is reputation and good will. Few have taken up the work of cyber- bulling and this time against SRK. Trolls have been circulating fake information against SRK at the wake of the immoral Pulwama terror attack in Kashmir. It is being said that the Zero actor has donated Rs 45 crores to victims of the gas attack in Pakistan, levelling accusations on his allegiance towards India. A video stating that has been going viral. But you must remember that its SRK, he has more fans than enemies and for that his fans have started a trend #StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK and are even citing the many charitable work SRK has done for his country and countrymen.  

Though this was not the first time that an Indian Celebrity has been trolled on the basis of religion he or she follows. Check out the tweets here.