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Sunny Leone’s biopic Karanjit Kaur’s season 2 tells us a story about her early life in an adult film industry and how she made to Hindi film industry in India

The biopic Karanjit Kaur is running a web series which is about to see the end of season 2. It is streaming currently on ZEE5 and the last four episodes are going on air.

The chronical web series has been directed by Aditya Dutt, which depicts the journey of Sunny Leone from the American adult film industry to Bollywood. You could also see a lot about Sunny’s childhood days and her parents when she was young.

Before the finale of season 2, Sunny Leone was caught in an interview with Indian Express where she was asked that she wants to come up with another season which shows her struggle in Bollywood and her journey thereafter and if she wants her children to see her biopic or not. And this is how the question and answer session goes.

Will we also get to see your TV and Bollywood stint in the coming episodes?

Sadly no, we didn’t get on that. The show will end when I land in India. It will chronicle my journey on how I decided to come here. It would be interesting for my fans to know these details. They have been following me but don’t know the real facts about my life.

With so much unsaid, does that mean a season three could be on the cards?

It’s not my call to start another season. But yes, I think there might be a lot of curiosity among the audience to know more. If they watch and love the show, maybe ZEE5 will decide to launch another season.

As a mother, would you like your kids to watch the show or tell them your story by yourself?

By the time they are old enough to understand, this will become a classic that no one would want to see (laughs). There would be far more interesting shows for them to watch. Actually, this would be a question for them if they would like to see it. If my children ever have a serious question about my past or my journey, I would like to give them an honest answer. Yes, I would have to intelligently use words given their age so that they can comprehend it. Right now my daughter is three and my sons are one, so I think there’s still a lot of time before we get to deal with their awkward questions.

Do you feel people’s perception towards you changed after the web series?

The feedback has genuinely been positive. See, it’s really hard to change people’s mindset. And it goes for everyone. But through the show, they do get to know me better. No one had an idea about my childhood. This series is essentially for my fans. They might have been following me for years but don’t really know what happened in my life.

As an actor, how difficult was it to draw a line while reliving your life on-screen?

There were just no lines! When we started the shoot, all lines were blurred and it was a really challenging experience for me. There were so many major life-altering incidents. To go through all of it again was really tough. Who wants to go back and live those times again? When something bad happens, we kind of heal ourselves and move on. So it was really difficult to open those pages again.

But was it special to see your fairytale romance come alive on screen?

(Blushes) Yes, that was really fun. We do tell the story of how Daniel (Weber) came into my life and the journey we have had together. Daniel is a big reason why I am here. Whatever big decisions that I have taken, he has been there for me always.

A model, actor and now an entrepreneur. Where do you get the drive to do more?

I have always been keen on business. Even when I was young, I would make up plans to earn money by shovelling snow off people’s garden. I was this annoying kid selling something at the doors all the time. That has been an extension to my personality. It’s a rewarding feeling to achieve or see the numbers growing. My cosmetic brand Star Struck will complete a year now. And we have a lot of different plans in the coming days.