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Taapsee Pannu has been the first choice of directors to get a role in Pati, Patni Aur Woh. But has been dropped out with no intimation. Taapsee is shocked and wants an answer to this.

Taapsee Pannu who was setting examples of success through her releases back to back in 2018, has confronted a setback in her career. She was the first actor to whom the story for the remake of Pati, Patni Aur Woh has been narrated to. Earlier this week, she came to know that she has been dropped off the project in the last minute which left her in shock. “I was at the narration in November, in the presence of Juno and Abhay (Chopra, the film’s producers) I liked the script and gave it the go-ahead. I was asked to clear my schedules and I complied. Only the clauses remained to be negotiated. But they suddenly vanished.” She said.

Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee narrated that it’s the director of the film Mudassar Aziz has tossed her out of the project which is about to hit the floor next month. She says, “I just wish I had known this a little earlier because I would have cleared my schedule (for some other project). I had taken away dates from another film to accommodate the remake. I did it because I was keen I doing the film as Mudassar has contemporized the original story.”

Taapsee was asked if she knows about the reason why she has been denied a role in the film at the last moment. To this she answered, “Poor Mudassar also hasn’t been given a reason for it. He was just asked to ‘take someone else’. When I tried to confront the producers, I wasn’t given a proper reason. As much as I have been trying to get some clarity on the matter, they have been putting the conversation off, which is very weird.”

Taapsee further said that remuneration for the film could not a reason for her drop out as that pat has not been discussed yet. More than the drop out, she is upset as she has not been informed earlier about the recent development and changes in script or casting of the film. She assumes herself to be the first choice of the directors as they narrated the script first to Taapsee. She takes a stand of letting her know about such changes earlier as she has managed her schedule and managed her dates for this remake. She further said, “I was informed about the development instead of finding out about it from others. I deserve an answer. This is disheartening.”

She expresses her feelings further by saying “I wish this never happens to any actor.” Moreover, she wished good luck to whoever is going to do this role in the future.

Taapsee learns a lesson from this and vows “I am going to be careful about signing films before celebrating a good script. This has been an eye-opener.
Some time back, Taapsee, in an interview said that she has been denied many times and is still learning and gaining experience through her work. This time she proved that she accepts her failure and learns from her mistakes.