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At India Today Mind Rocks 2019, Taapsee Pannu talked to her audience about her journey in Bollywood, facing rejections, casting couch, media trolls, personal life, crush, and first relationship.

Taapsee Pannu, an upcoming youth icon of Indian film industry could well engage her audiences at the Mind Rock summit. She answered every question with ease and connect herself with her fans.

She was asked about her journey when she first stated in Bollywood

She answered, by qualification, she is a Computer Software Engineer, and she also mimicked the scenario of Indian middle-class family’s take on education. Added to this she said, “Here in India we first become an engineer to understand where we want to go further in life”. While she took a break from studies to prepare for her MBA, then she indulged herself in South films for the first time, which was a success.

Taapsee acknowledge her rejections and failure in Bollywood

“I still face rejections. I’m not a trained actor”, Taapsee quoted herself. She was humble to accept that everything was new to her in the film industry as she didn’t know much of it. She worked hard to learn acting and was rejected many a time but the actor accepted that she learned much from her mistakes.

She also disclosed that after repeated failure in South film industry how she was treated as a bad luck charm. She recognizes her struggle throughout to fight back and get back on track.

Taapsee Pannu
source from indiatoday

Taapsee is fortunate for not experiencing Casting Couch

“I was fortunate”, said Taapsee, when asked on Casting Couch. As because her first Hindi, Tamil, and Telegu film were hit, she never had to go door to door to ask for work. Further, she said, “I am really lucky, but I know horror stories”. She further explained that it never happened to her does not mean Casting Couch never happens in the industry. Male domination is there in any field of work, Bollywood celebs are much talked about for this because they work in front of the camera.

Taapsee discloses her first relationship

In a casual manner, she replied that her first relationship started when she was in 9th standard. Though it was very childish and they broke up as the guy said he had to concentrate in studies for his board exams. Taapsee recalled those days when she would cry and call the guy from a nearby PCO booth.

When asked about her celebrity crush, she replied when she entered the industry Hrithik Roshan was hot. Later she grew interest in Andy Murray and Robert Downey Jr.

She chose her personal love life to be personal and said it’s something which should be only discussed with parents.

Her say on her most challenging role

While choosing a script she looks for a challenging role. She claims the most challenging role is yet to come. She is shooting for an upcoming film which is the most challenging for her till date. The film will be announced within a week. From her past films, she said, Mulk was the most challenging of all.

When asked about Rani Mukherjee troll for her on #metoo and how she deals with Trolls

“Whatever she said, was her opinion and everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. Honestly, I believe that woh naubat nahi chahiye ki auraton ko self-defence seekhne ki zaroorat pade.” I think that the male members of the family should be educated so that such a need does not arise in the first place. Self-defense should not be the first resort, it should be the last resort.

She added, that people who troll celebrities on the internet are faceless and nameless people and they don’t have their own identity. Its better no giving importance to such media trolls. She said, she replies to such troll when she has free time on the go and treat it as a self-entertainment.