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Director Chuck is excited to debut into the Hindi Film Industry with his film Junglee next week. He is excited to see such talent in Bollywood and is fascinated by Desi Talent.

Well known for his directorial films The Mask (1994) and Eraser (1996), Chuck Russell says the talents in Hindi film industry often hold his attention. He names special films which is close to his heart from Bollywood. “Films like Dangal [2016], 3 Idiots [2009] and Sultan [2016] are among my favorites,” says the director.

The Mask Director, Chuck Russell debuted in Bollywood with ‘Junglee’ which was made by keeping Vidyut Jammwal in mind

Talking about our very talented Vidyut Jammual he said, “When [producer] Priti Shahani sent me the original story, I knew that this [film] was special. I realised I would need to combine action with humour and songs to tell a tale that could address a global problem of a threat to elephants.” Junglee is a film that revolves around the problem of animal poaching. It depicts the story of a veterinarian, who faces encounters and fights against poachers while he decides to return to his father’s elephant reserve.

According to Chuck the film required action which was only possible by Jammwal to live the role, “There have been instances in the past when I have made films

The Mask Director, Chuck Russell debuted in Bollywood with ‘Junglee’ which was made by keeping Vidyut Jammwal in mind

actor in mind. This script needed Vidyut. The audience had not expected a film like The Mask from me. Junglee is going to be [another] shock for them.”

Russell says he did not choose to engage a fair share of CGI as the cinema demanded so being a deception of animal, “The elephants you see are real, and

characters of the film. The producers thought I was crazy, but I held an audition to zero in on the elephant that must be featured in it. We shot the sequences involving them at a conservation centre in Thailand, which was their natural habitat.” 

One of the elephants that are featured in the movie, is usually roped in to help autistic children Russell said. “[This highlights] the kind of precautions we took while working on the film. It has the potential to spread a positive message to an audience that may avoid watching documentaries.”

The much awaited film is about to hit the theaters in the following week.