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Are you a food lover and enjoys taking up certain food challenges or even love to see such challenges or competition related to food? Yes, we are talking about the Visa food world who airs food challenge video 2 times every week on YouTube. This channel have more than 1 million subscribers at present and can definitely engage the audience throughout their video. Their Moto is to make light-hearted videos on food challenges and enjoying it thoroughly.


viwa food challenge
viwa food challenge

This show is hosted by 2 guys namely Akash and Vishwa Jyoshi. They are very fun loving guy with a cool attitude, they also very simple and funny. In each episode (which they publish 2 times a week) they keep a food related challenge for themselves and markup with some rules to be flowed.


With more than 1 Million subscribers Viwa Food World come up with new ideas to entertain their viewers by playing food-related challenges. Challenges always revolve around topics related to food as the title suggest “Viwa food World”. Akash Jyoshi and Vishwa Jyoshi, the hosts of the show takes care of entertaining their viewers throughout. If you are a food lover and look for entertaining videos on YouTube then you ought to checkout their YouTube channel. There come up with ideas like ‘one bight challenge’, where they took turns to finish Indian Street Food in one attempt. Both of them took the challenge and the one who loosed had to face the punishment which is predefined by them. In another video, they took a challenge of sniffing food from a closed container and guessing the food that’s inside the box.

These videos are indeed funny as well as entertaining to its followers. Don’t miss to check them out on you tube and follow them on other social media for getting regular update of their videos. You can subscribe to their Channel for getting updates related to latest videos.

You could find a good number of videos on YouTube as well as Television who work on such videos. Here you come to know about eh local food habits and sometimes the participants end up taking the challenge and winning it too. They can set records by performing such challenges. It’s indeed fun to be a part of such experience for food lovers here you will have the liberty to taste different food but the only constraint is the time is limited.

These Indian guys have nailed it the way they showcase their videos. Viewers like their videos and hence they have developed a base of more than 1 Million Subscribers. Why wait, get out of your boring routine and have some fun time watching Viwa Food World on YouTube.