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“‘Veergati’ forces us to rethink our beliefs and our own sense of right and wrong.”

Yet Another Patriotic Film to Register in the History of Indian Cinema: Veergati

The Indian film industry is witnessing a lot of biographic cinema on political leaders and Indian army as well. With the success of ‘Uri’, there is yet another announcement for a film based on Indian soldiers and how they face problems related to stone pelting in Kashmir.

Director Raju Desai and Vishal Desai of the film says “Veergati”, tells a tale of a martyr, and is a perfect dose of infotainment with the essence of patriotism. They kept it light on the audience and said it will be a combination of entertainment as well as information.

“Veergati” is inspired by real events which were witnessed by us recently at Jammu and Kashmir. It represents the journey of an Indian soldier who dies due to stone pelting in Kashmir and put light to his family and their miseries after his death. Nikhil Chavan, Yatin Karyekar, Gaurav Ghatnekar, Aditi Bhagwat, Rinku Rajguru and Radhika Harshe, are featured in the film. The ZEE5 original film is about to release on January 26. 

“‘Veergati’ is a small attempt on our part to highlight the challenges that our jawans face for our safety. Releasing this Republic Day for the audiences across the globe, it is an emotional journey in the lives of our youth who, are misled and brainwashed by militants into committing acts of violence in the garb of jihad,” the directors said in a joint statement. 

They further said, “The bravery of our jawans combined with the energies of our youth will make our country an unbreakable force. ZEE5 is a great medium to convey this story which is a perfect dose of infotainment with the essence of patriotism.”

Manish Aggarwal, Business Head at ZEE5 India, said: “Our experience over the past year has taught us that movies that challenge our notions and our knowledge are a huge hit among the OTT audience set. They love to be challenged on the perceptions they have been formed.”

To this, Aparna Acharekar, Programming Head at ZEE5 India, added: “It is an honor for us to showcase the stories of forgotten heroes who have laid down their lives for our country.”

Though the film has resemblance with recent past and the hardship of Indian soldiers who are bound to follow the set rules, irrespective of repeated attacks, it’s time to see how ‘Veergati’ could compete with the much talked about film Manikarnika which is about to release this 25th of January 2019.